Have you been told that you have retina eye problems? Are you diabetic? If so please take some time to read following paragraphs.

Understanding the Retina

The retina is the innermost nerve layer that lines the back of the eye. Many ophthalmologists compare this to the film of a camera. The retina is responsible for processing the images projected onto it and then the optic nerve transmits this to the brain. The retina is susceptible to many types of diseases that we will detail in the web pages of this section.

What is a retina specialist?

A retina specialist is a medical doctor trained as an ophthalmologist, who has received additional fellowship training in diseases and surgery of the vitreous and retina. As mentioned previously, the retina is a very sensitive part of the eye that requires special attention when in danger. Damage to your retina can cause blindness. Much of the treatment work done by retina specialists involves: macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, retinal detachments, uveitis, and flashes or floaters. Eye doctors hope you find this information useful when choosing an appropriate retina eye doctor. At our clinic we are connected to several graduate Retina physician and we canhelp you to find the best physical for your eye problem.

Common retina problems:

– Retinal Detachment
– Macular Degeneration
– Diabetic Eye Disease
– Flashes & Floaters
– Macular Edema