Dry Eye Syndrome

Optometrist performing Dilated Retinal Exam

Dry Eye and Red Eye Syndrome

If you have burning, tired eyes, redness, sudden tearing, fluctuating vision and a frequent need to blink, chances are that you have Dry Eye Syndrome; the most common reason people visit the eye doctor. 30 Million Americans suffer with symptoms of Dry-Eye Syndrome including REDNESS, BURNING, AND BLURRY VISION.

Dry Eye is caused by a lack of tears on the surface of the eye. Your tears are made up of a combination of oil and water and they provide nutrition, lubrication and immune protection for your eyes. Proper lubrication is needed for a smooth ocular surface, without which clear vision is not possible. When you don’t have enough tears, your eyes become irritated and that starts a cycle of inflammation that may even lead to infection, with permanent damage to the eye. The two largest components of tears are oil and water. It’s well known that “oil and water don’t mix.” This plays out well in the case of normal tears, as the oil layer floats on top of the water layer, retarding its evaporation. If the oil layer production is deficient, the water layer can evaporate 20x faster! This is indeed the number one reason for dry eyes.

Dr. Davidi has invented a technique for treatment of dry eye syndrome due to lack of oil, also called the Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD with a Radio Frequency instrument. That can be beneficial in more than 80% of patient with Dry eye syndrome.